Arts Online

Offsite and Online

ARTS ONLINE is a video streaming platform that aims to engage and connect artists to their audiences through arts workshops, artists’ talks, lecture – demonstrations in various art forms. These are learning […]

CCP Discover Opera!

CCP @ the Opera Haus

A training program for aspiring classical and opera singers. The CCP Discover Opera will train ten (10) participants comprising of winners of “Kundiman sa Makati” and public high school students from Makati. […]

Arts Management Training for Cultural Officers in Ph Post

CCP @ Baguio City

The training will highlight the intersection of arts, culture, and creative industry and underscore the importance of leveraging cultural resources for international relations and global engagement. This will equip the participants with adequate […]

CCP Discover Opera Culminating Activity

CCP @ the University of Makati

The CCP Discover Opera Culminating Activity is a 45-minute engaging and educational show designed to introduce students to the world of opera in an enjoyable manner. It aims to captivate young audiences […]