WOMAN: THESIS AND ANTITHESIS Selected Pieces from the Cultural Center of the Philippines 21AM Collection

WOMAN: THESIS AND ANTITHESIS Selected Pieces from the Cultural Center of the Philippines 21AM Collection


Cultural Center of the Philippines and Yuchengco Museum Inc.


March 21 to June 24, 2023

Monday to Saturday | 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Manila Time

CCP @ the Yuchengco Museum (Ground Floor and Third Floor)


In celebration of National Women’s Month, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, in partnership with Yuchengco Museum, presents the first traveling exhibition of the CCP 21AM Collection in 2023. Curated by Jeannie Javelosa, this woman-centered showcase highlights significant pieces that depict social representations of a woman, as well as works by our skilled and thoughtful Filipina artists from the CCP 21AM collection.


WOMEN IN SOCIETY (Main Gallery Ground Floor)

Filipino artists have extensively explored woman as subject matter, as a form rendered through various styles from the figurative to the abstract; and as a subject in relation to her role in community as seen through the artist’s personal lenses. In majority of the images, we find an almost romantic and inspirational idealization of woman and her role in society as mother, lover and partner in the domestic scene. This collection poses the question: are women being represented properly? Or underrepresented and even misrepresented? For these are important issues today as woman’s role in society has evolved significantly over time.

WOMEN EXPRESSIONS (Third Floor Galleries)

Women artists speak to the world using their art as the extension of their minds, hearts and spirits. They express particular issues they face as women: gender biases, provocative thoughts about religious and spiritual conviction, interpersonal relationships and the depth of complexities about identity formation. Many have feminist overtones that militantly advocate for shifts and changes in their roles as women and how they are perceived. A number are as aggressive in the exploration of materials and techniques as their male counterparts. The pieces in this collection become part of a continuum, of women visual expressions, that continues to shift as political landscapes, about women’s rights and the feminine spirit gains power in the world today.


Php 100 – Adults

Php 50 – Students/Seniors/PWD’s

Free admission for select guests (CCP ID’s, CCP partners, VIP’s, government workers, public program participants)

Free admission days: April 29, May 27, June 24 (last Saturdays of the month – Public Programs)


For more information, contact:

Yuchengco Museum

Telephone: (632) 8889-1234



Download the invite here: https://bit.ly/WOMAN-Thesis-and-Antithesis

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