Oct 28, 2022 | Press Release


October 27, 2022  

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance Series (Live!) presents Premieres and Encores on October 28 (8:00 PM) and October 29, 2022 (3:00 PM & 8:00 PM) at the CCP Main Theater.

A collaboration between the CCP and the French Embassy, Premieres and Encores features dance pieces by renowned French choreographer Redha Benteifour as well as acclaimed works by young Filipino choreographers John Ababon, AL Abraham, JM Cabling, Ronelson Yadao, and Erl Sorilla.

Benteifour has become best known for his work in the international entertainment industry and for large-scale opening spectacles of events like the world cup soccer in France that took place in 1998 and the World Fencing Championship at the Grand Palais 2010.  He will restage some of his works with the Alice Reyes Dance Philippines for the 2022 CCP Dance series as he comes back to the country.

Ababon has performed in Alice Reyes’ “Tales of the Manuvu”.  Among his works is a piece entitled “Happy Thoughts”, which won the Trudl Dubsky Zipper Award for outstanding choreography in the 2018 CCP Ballet Competition Junior Category.

Abraham is an experienced choreographer who has created many pieces like his “Kada Paningkamot”, a solo choreographed for Ballet Philippines’ “Young Choreographer Showcase”. In recent years, he danced and choreographed “Tuloy Ang Pasko!” and “A Christmas Celebration” as part of the CCP Christmas offering.

Cabling worked with Dulaang UP in creating non-dance movement-based choreography and has choreographed many plays including the iconic “Himala: Isang Musikal” and “Mula sa Buwan”.  In addition, he has also choreographed works featured in CCP’s projects, such as KoryoLab, Neo – Filipino, and WiFi Body.  Cabling has also choreographed for major events including the grand dance numbers for the 2020 Dubai Expo and the 2019 SEA Games.  The piece “I Wanna Say Something” was choreographed for the CCP’s 2021 Professional Dance Support Program and will be restaged for the 2022 CCP Dance Series.

Sorilla is a Filipino choreographer and a long-time dancer with a body of work influenced by top-caliber masters of Philippine dance and international choreographers.  In 2020, he danced and choreographed with the Faculty of the CCP Dance Workshop creating two pieces in the Christmas offering “Tuloy Ang Pasko!”  He became a grantee of the CCP 2021 Professional Dance Support Program where he not only choreographed his “Musa” for its Culminating Program but also danced in a solo piece “Inlababo” by John Ababon.  Sorilla currently dances, teaches, and choreographs with the Alice Reyes Dance Philippines.  His recent work, the “Visayan Suite of Dances”, was part of the company’s launch in Dapitan City last July 2022.

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