Aug 8, 2023 | Press Release

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) launches the completed digital projects, under its Comics, Animation, and Game Development Grant Program, on August 12, 2023, 3pm, at the Cinema Palma, located at the 2/F Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

The innovative and creative digital projects include comics, games, and animated media that feature Filipino history, culture, social issues, and the environment.

The game development grantees are: Ranida Games’ Sinag, a 1v1 fighting game that features Philippine mythology; Synthillate’s Pearls of Asia, a Philippine business simulator that showcases strategies from renowned Filipino personalities; Kendikorp’s Gala, a casual exploration mobile game featuring iconic Filipino landmarks.

The comics grantees include: Randy Valiente’s Lalang Kalibutan, which tells the story of how the world was created from the Visayan POV; and, Ruel Enoya’s Bantugen, an adaptation from the Maranao epic Darangen.

Other digital projects to be launched are: Bernardo Carpio, a digital Pinoy comic with augmented reality; Bulusan and Agingay: Iyak ni Mampak, a stop-motion animation film; Sulayman, a 2D digital animation, and Lola Basyang, The Animation.

The CCP Grants aim to generate original Intellectual Property (IP) content that reflects our country’s rich cultural heritage with its folktales, myths, and legends. This program hopes to stimulate the local creative economy by providing financial, technical, and educational support to our local creative businesses, content developers, artists, and students.

The next set of grantees under the animation, comics, and game development categories are expected to release their projects early next year. Grantees under the animation category are: Friendly Foes’ Makopa, Komiket Inc.’s Tungkung Langit at Laon Sina, Fizzbuzz, Inc.’s Tiki, and Lea Zoraina Sindao Lim’s Datu Pat i Mata.

Digital comics grantees are: Ethel Mae Reyes’ Tulogmatian, Julius Sempio’s Teduray, Alfred Ismael Galaroza’s Sinogo, Marco Sumayao’s Legend of Sleeping Beauty Mountain, and Anabelle Marie D. Laureola’s Sun says Moon says.

Game development grantees include: Metamedia Information Systems Corp.’s Treasure Seekers, Katakata Creative’s Kata, and Makiling Interactive Arts’ San Fernando.

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