Arts Online Lecture Series

ARTS ONLINE is a video streaming platform that continues to engage and connect our artists to their audiences through arts workshops, artists’ talk, lecture—demo of the different art forms. These are learning opportunities for children, for the general
audience, for artists and for students and parents—making art matter to every Filipino.

Huseng Batute Website

Huseng Batute website features the life and contributions of Jose Corazon de Jesus a.k.a Huseng Batute. Aside from the works of Huseng Batute himself, the website also features essays, poems and other literary articles discussing the life and contributions of HB to the Philippine literature written by notable Filipino poets and writers, including our National Artist for Literature, Virgilio Almario.

This website offers a clean, modern design, and a user-friendly browsing experience to help the users to quickly navigate the site and to easily find the needed information, texts, photos and videos.