The Cultural Center of the Philippines


Exhibit duration: 22 March to 20 May 2018
Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery)
Opening reception: 22 March, Thursday, 6pm


A Collection Of Bruises, Curses, Baby Teeth is the artist's attempt to fully possess memories and emotions by recreating them as tangible specimens. With further romanticization and embellishment, the memories and emotions that found form appear more like a daydream than an account of what was real – they are enshrined, excessively adorned; they are staged to transcend the value of their newfound material form.


For the artist's who finds comfort in speaking cryptically in poetry and vignettes, offering solid representations of her own recollections and introspection for strangers to see is both frightening and liberating. Her flamboyant display is made to intentionally veil the deeply confessional nature of the physical narrative that she has laid which is of her memory of her fathers, her mother, her mother’s womb, and her yearning to hold onto and let go of what she once had, return to and run away from what she once was.


A Collection Of Bruises, Curses, Baby Teeth is not remembrance of the bygone. It is obsessive veneration towards that which was once fleeting, now bound and kept existent by the artist's tendency of severe and selfish attachment.