The Cultural Center of the Philippines, co-presented by The Drawing Room Gallery & Philippine Women’s University (PWU)—Institute for Heritage, Culture, and the Arts (IHCA)
Exhibit duration: 7 June to 9 July 2017
Opening reception and walk-through: 7 June, Wednesday
Closing reception: 9 July, Sunday
Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery), Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery) and 4th floor Atrium

In this exhibition, curator Angel Shaw presents a dialogue with artists Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, Ringo Bunoan, Gaston Damag, Kawayan de Guia, Mark Justiniani, Arvin Nogueras, and Walang Kikilos (Rico Entico, Jayvee del Rosario, Neo Maestro, Paul Mondok, MM Yu, Poklong Anading) on what concepts/cultural practices of “appropriation”, “co-optation”, and “adaptation” mean to them. How do they respond when some Western critics continue to say that there is “no such thing as Asian Contemporary Art”?, that their art is “derivative of Western Art”?, or that Appropriation Art is passé. These issues are inherent within these selected artists’ bodies of work. One of the challenges posed to these artists is not to think so much about the definitions of the words and what they represent historically within western art practices, but to use their organic creative processes to explore how they interpret them, their possible readings, and to create another way of exploring them in a more Filipino or Filipinzed context.

This exhibition is not about focusing on these debates, but rather problematizing these practices, perceptions, and creations. One of the main objectives of the exhibition is to stimulate fresh dialogues around these artists original works produced specifically for the exhibition. The exhibition presents a dialogue between artworks, private and public spaces, as well as with the film programs, encouraging audiences to think about and acknowledge the inter-connective relationship between artistic disciplines—the visual arts, film/video/media arts and music. The exhibit is co-presented by The Drawing Room Gallery & Philippine Women’s University (PWU)—Institute for Heritage, Culture, and the Arts (IHCA)

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