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Celebrating 54 Years of Ballet Philippines: Embracing the Power of Dance

The establishment of Ballet Philippines in 1969 marked a pivotal moment in the Philippines’ dance landscape. With a resolute vision to elevate dance into a professional discipline, it proudly assumed its role as the first resident company at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Since its founding, Ballet Philippines has continuously solidified its stature as the leader in both classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Ballet Philippines has made a significant contribution to the world of dance, having crafted an impressive repertoire of over 500 choreographic works. Each of these creations is a masterpiece, meticulously honed to spotlight the rich tapestry of Filipino talent, artistic expression, and cultural heritage. The company’s repertoire encompasses an unparalleled array of full-length classical ballets, innovative neo-ethnic performances, and groundbreaking contemporary pieces, placing it among the finest in Asia.

Guiding the company’s artistic endeavors today is Ballet Philippines’ Artistic Director, Mikhail “Misha” Martynuk. Drawing from his extensive experience performing on some of the most revered theatres across the globe, Martynuk brings to the fore a future-forward, global point of view of dance. While still deeply rooted in Filipino culture, Ballet Philippines continues to push the boundaries of ballet through engaging, new, and original performances that showcase the technical prowess and impeccable technique of the company’s dancers. Each season, the company endeavors to bring audiences a fresh experience of dance that resonates to both loyal patrons and new audiences.

Now on its 54th season, Ballet Philippines marks a momentous return to the stage with performances that highlight The Power of Dance. Spanning classical, contemporary and Filipiniana dance pieces, shows this season are brought to life on stage to inspire, uplift, awaken, and empower and enlighten audiences.


Photo credit: Ballet Philippines

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