LAKBAYIN ANG SINING: Readings in Creative and Cultural Work in the Philippines

The CCP launches a commemorative book entitled "Lakbayin ang Sining: Readings in Crea ...


LAKBAYIN ANG SINING: Readings in Creative and Cultural Work in the Philippines

The 40th Year Commemorative Book of the CCP Outreach

Following the positive feedback and reception of the first commemorative book entitled Lakbay Sining published on the occasion of the CCP Outreach Program’s 25th anniversary, this new edition is another compilation of stories that recount the unique and inspiring experiences of Filipino artists, cultural workers, and arts organizations across the country. The book will bring readers to an exciting journey through the narratives, testimonies, and heartwarming tales about arts and cultural work in the Philippines.

Highlighting the valuable experiences in creative and cultural work in the Philippines as conveyed by artists, cultural workers, leaders of arts organizations, this publication seeks to inspire the present and future generations of artists and community organizers and to instill in them the value, importance, and wisdom of cultural work.   

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