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March 9, 2022

TO celebrate the National Women’s Month, the CCP Film, Broadcast, and New Media Division (CCP FBNMD) will have a special film screening that highlights the different facets, strengths and braveries of Filipino women.

Tagged “Women and the Camera” the featured films are:  full-length film “Ronda (Patrol)” by Nick Olanka and short feature “Gutab” by Mary Andrea Palmares, on view starting at 3pm, March 11 until March 18, at the CCP Vimeo Channel.

“Ronda” follows the story of a policewoman, named Paloma, who is torn between the realities of her job and being a mother to a teenage son. Despite her son Leo missing for two days, she continues to patrol around the city every night.

The movie presents a slice of her life as she deals with her regulars — crooks that roam the night and crooks that litter within the police force, characters that test her values and validates her ideals as an enforcer of the law, as a mother, and ultimately as a human being.

Meanwhile, “Gutab centers on two young women, Jo-an and Sabel, who live two different lives in a small provincial town.

Known for winning different local beauty pageants, Jo-an is the epitome of an innocent and beautiful young woman. On the other hand, Sabel is a mat weaver’s daughter who dreams to be free from certain societal constraints. Their last encounter together before Sabel leaves home urges Jo-an to make a life-changing decision.

Members of the CCP Film Society will enjoy the exclusive screening of “Babae” by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo.

The coming-of-age short feature tells about the two women who grow up together in a slum community beside the railroad tracks and become best friends during childhood. They share their dreams during teenage years, and eventually start their own family during adulthood when a child accidentally enters their lives. Real stories of a woman and a woman are added to give color to this black-and-white film.

Watch “Ronda” and “Babae” at vimeo.com/showcase/ccparthousecinema, available worldwide. Info on how to access the CCP Film Society Exclusives for the month of May will be emailed to the members.

For more updates on film-related events, follow the Cultural Center of the Philippines and CCP Film, Broadcast and New Media social media accounts.

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