Dec 14, 2022 | Press Release


December 14, 2022 

EXPERIENCE a unique family cinematic experience with Cinema Under the Stars (CUTS), the CCP’s hybrid outdoor cinema, slated on December 17 to 18, 2022, at the CCP Front Lawn.

The hybrid cinema program will have special screenings of selected Cinemalaya and Gawad Alternatibo, as well as films from the CCP Collection. With the limitations brought about by the past year’s quarantine protocols amidst the pandemic, CCP aims to adapt and re-imagine a new and better normal for the film, art, and live-events industries and so this project was designed to be inclusive, productive, and resourcefully planned to overcome those.

On December 17, 6pm, catch the back-to-back screenings of Papetir by Darwin Alegre Noivicio, Andong by Rommel “Milo” Tolentino, and Pepot Artista by Doy del Mundo.

In the short film Papetir, a ventriloquist suddenly finds himself talking with his past during his performance. Will he continue the conversation or remain tight-lipped from a voice long kept?

Short film Andong is a story about pre-juvenile obsession, family dynamics, and the real value of a hard-fought twenty pesos. It follows an obsessed boy who goes into a mad frenzy over the prospect of finally landing the much-coveted love-of-his-life. For a poor boy who only yearns for one thing – and nothing more in his life – this break is, without a doubt, the answer to all his prayers, if only he can convince his mother to give him 20 pesos.

Pepot Artista is a full-length film that focuses on a ten-year-old boy whose dream is to become a movie star. Pepot, the dreamer, is surrounded by people who are equally dazzled by the movie world. The film explores the penchant of Pinoys for entertainment in the midst of serious social problems.

The 8:30pm screenings on December 17 features Si Oddie by Maria Kydylee Torato, Aliens Ata by Karl Glenn Barit, and Ani by Kim Zuñiga and Sandro Del Rosario.

Si Oddie follows a delivery rider who struggles to find his untraceable customer while racing against time in a life and death situation. After asking for an additional delivery to pay for his mother’s medical needs, delivery rider Oddie ends up looking for an oddly unlocatable customer and encounters several people related to her until he crosses paths with someone who will change his day-to-day life as a delivery rider.

In Aliens Ata, two young brothers deal with the sudden loss of their father. Their mother who works overseas returns home for the funeral but will have to depart for work again soon. For the kids, some things are hard to grasp and look to the sky for answers. Could it be aliens?

Sci-fi full-length film Ani is about an orphaned boy Mithi who moves to a farm to live with his estranged grandfather Mauricio. When the old man falls ill, and as the crops in their farm seem to fall ill with him, the boy embarks on a quest with his malfunctioning robot to search for magical grains that he believes can save the man’s life.

Gawad Alternatibo films take the spotlight on December 18, 4pm. Featured short films include: Wetsitales: Aponibonilayen and the Sun by Jade Dandan Evangelista; Maris by Gabb Gantala; Ang Liwanag ng Bakunawa by Alvin Gasga and Elisha Domingo; Mga Sisiw sa Kagubatan by Vahn Leinard Pascual; My Mamily by Cha Roque.

Wetsitales: Aponibonilayen and the Sun follows the unplanned trip to the heavens of a lovely maiden and how she met the man of her life, Ini-init. This story is an enchanted adventure mixed with the culture and traditions of the Tinguian Tribe.

In Maris, two bestfriends talk about their experiences in studying in private and public schools. One friend remembers his art teacher, which starts an argument between the two.

Ang Liwanag ng Bakunawa is a story of an albino girl who feels like an outcast and unwanted by her peers. One day, she chanced upon an unlikely friend who filled her days with warmth, adventure and mystery. A tale of love so steadfast, it weathers the storm.

In Mga Sisiw sa Kagubatan, a chick who lives in the forest, together with its own community, aims to live peacefully but a hungry giant keeps on lurking around their town and brings chaos and destruction.

My Mamily is a short animated film about the struggles and triumphs of a lesbian family as seen through the eyes of a child. It is a reflection of how children are born non-judgmental and how adults, schools, and other institutions are responsible for raising children who are accepting of differences. My Mamily provides a peek into diverse kinds of families and how above everything, love is what makes a family.

On December 18, 6pm, watch selected Cinemalaya 2022 entries See You, George! by Mark Moneda, Kwits by Raz dela Torre, and Batsoy by Ronald Batallones.

In See You, George, a group of hospital workers takes a trip down memory lane to honor the life of one of their departed colleagues. The solemn gathering suddenly turns into a recollection of dark and haunting memories.

Kwits follows a man who tries to get by in the time of COVID-19 with the simplest of goals: to get his ayuda. After the lockdown silenced the Higantes festivities, Tupe finds himself jobless and isolated. He sees a glimmer of hope when he qualifies to receive financial help from the government. But getting his hands on that money is not as easy as he thought it would be.

Batsoy tells about two young siblings who go on a fantastical adventure to satiate their much-coveted and delectable craving for batsoy. After selling firewood for their basic needs, siblings Toto and Nonoy go and buy batsoy, the food that the younger brother has been craving the most. Mt. Manaphag, which faces the town of San Dionisio, becomes the silent witness to their journey to satisfy their craving. Their adventure will ultimately bring viewers to a world of magic, fantasy and reality.

Cinema Under the Stars is free to the public. Riders, bikers, joggers, and walkers are all welcome. Follow the official CCP social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

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