Principal Orchestra Member (Bassoon); SG – 22; Item # 52

REGION : NCR ; AGENCY :  Cultural Center of  the Philippines;

PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT: CCP – Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra;

Orchestra Arts Development Division; POSITION/TITLE: Principal Orchestra Member (Bassoon); SG – 22; Item # 52




Education :  Completion of two years studies in college

Experience :  4 years of relevant experience

Training :  24 hours of relevant training

Eligibility :  None required (MC 11, s. 1996 Cat. III)




  1. Graduate of Bachelor of Music or equivalent.


  1. With exquisite level of techniques in playing bassoon.


  1. Has been a member of a local or foreign orchestra.


  1. Has played or performed with various orchestras, chamber groups, bands or music ensembles.


  1. Has rendered a solo performance or been featured as a soloist in a concert.


  1. Has participated in a Masterclass relevant to his musical instrument.


  1. With excellent sight-reading skills.


  1. Possesses absolute qualities of relative senses of pitch, rhythm and intonation.


  1. Excellent overall musicality appropriate for a professional orchestra.


  1. With strong leadership skills and highly disciplined.




  1. Performs during rehearsals and performances.

  2. Ensures and maintains the highest degree of quality of performance of the section consistent to the preferences and directions of the Music Director/Conductor.


  1. Performs solo parts as indicated in various musical pieces and orchestral works


  1. Discusses with the Music Director/Conductor the appropriate methods, approaches and techniques to be applied in playing the music.


  1. Represents the section in the PPO Committee subject to the applicable guidelines or policies.


  1. Monitors and evaluates the work performance, work ethics and behavioral conduct of the members during rehearsals and performances.


  1. Promotes harmonious working environment among colleagues and peers by being a role model of proper decorum and mastery of music during rehearsals and performances.


  1. Participates in all official activities of the orchestra.


  1. Performs other tasks as may be assigned from time to time.



Applicants are requested to submit the following to the CCP-Human Resource Services Division or email to

on or before 27 January 2018:


  1. Letter of application

  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form 212 Revised 2017) with attached Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at

  3. Diploma and Transcript of Records/Certificate of Grades (Photocopy and original for verification)

  4. Certificates of training (Photocopy and original for verification)

  5. Certificate of employment (Photocopy and original for verification)

  6. Performance Evaluation Report  (January–December 2017 with very satisfactory rating) for internal applicants


For Nos.  3, 4 & 5 a review of the existing credentials of internal applicants will be done in coordination with the Human Resource Services Division.