Culture and Arts Officer II; SG-13; Item # 160

REGION : NCR; AGENCY :  Cultural Center of  the Philippines;

PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT: CCP-Production and Exhibition Department; Production Design and Technical Services Division; POSITION/TITLE: Culture and Arts Officer II; SG-13; Item # 160




Education :  Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job

Experience :  None Required

Training :  None Required

Eligibility :  MC 11 s. 96 Cat. II *

*(Civil Service Eligibility obtained by completing one year of Very Satisfactory service under temporary status)




  1. Degree in Communication Arts, Fine Arts, Theater Arts, Arts Studies, Arts Management, Fashion Design, Architecture, Engineering or any relevant courses.

  2. With at least 1 year experience in design or technical theater experience covering dance, music, theater and events, supervising theater craftsmen, and handling budgets and finances.

  3. Training in set design, props, costume, electrical, sound, rigging or lighting management.

  4. Proficient in oral and written communication skills, people skills, customer service, planning and organization, problem solving and decision making, time management, and arts management skills.

  5. Creative and innovative, with attention to details, resourceful and computer literate.




  1. Performs minor scenic carpentry works with supervision, including repair and maintenance on specific and detailed work activities.


  1. Performs minor scenic painting works with supervision including physical evaluation of painting materials, painting of scenic elements, other minor scenic works, and repair and maintenance on specific or detailed work activities.


  1. Performs minor steel works and metal fabrication with supervision, including physical evaluation of fabrication materials, minor tinsmithry, and welding works, and repair and maintenance on specific or detailed work activities.


  1. Operates and manages technical theater equipment and facilities in performance venues to prevent damage, including taking charge of the proper usage, maintenance, security and safety of the electronic equipment, and monitoring of activities in designated venues or use of performance venues by the adoption and implementation of house rules and procedural policies.


  1. Manages the Center’s collection of theatrical costumes by being responsible for the storage, organization, inventory/cataloguing of costumes, rental or purchase of supplies, and planning and organizing the laying out of costumes and accessories.


  1. Designs costumes based on studies and knowledge of the history of fashion or current trends in costume-making practices, reviews costume plots to prepare accurate and specific costumes base on specific requirement of the production, and plans with other creative individuals to coordinate aesthetic needs according to the production’s requirements.


  1. Serves as project engineer for major production design construction and improvement projects that includes preparation, review and monitoring of work progress, provision of detailed estimates, checking and reviewing of plans and specifications, evaluation and analyses of data on appropriation, expenditures and accomplishments, and consolidation of necessary technical information for planning and programming of production design projects.


  1. Assists in the rigging activities of the CCP theater through application of good rope skills.



Applicants are requested to submit the following to the CCP-Human Resource Services Division or email to on or before 04 March 2018:

  1. Letter of application

  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form 212 Revised 2017) which can be downloaded at

  3. Work Experience Sheet & Certificate of employment (if with relevant experience)

  4. Diploma and Transcript of Records (Photocopy and original for verification)

  5. Authenticated copy of the Civil Service Certificate of Eligibility

  6. Performance Evaluation Report  (January–December 2017 with very satisfactory rating) for internal applicants


For Nos. 4 & 5 a review of the existing credentials of internal applicants will be done in coordination with the Human Resource Services Division.