Concertmaster; SG-24; Item # 43

REGION : NCR; AGENCY :  Cultural Center of  the Philippines;

PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT: CCP-Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra; Orchestra Arts Development Division; POSITION /TITLE: Concertmaster; SG-24; Item # 43




Education        :  Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job

Experience      :  4 years of relevant experience

Training           :  24 hours of relevant training

Eligibility          :  None required (MC 11 s. 96 Cat. III)




  1. Graduate of Bachelor of Music or equivalent.
  2. Has been a member of a local or foreign orchestra.
  3. Has played or performed with various orchestras, chamber groups, bands or music ensembles for more than 4 years.
  4. Has experienced a solo concerto performance.
  5. Has participated or been featured in a Masterclass on violin.
  6. Possesses absolute qualities of relative senses of pitch, rhythm and intonation.
  7. With excellent over-all musicality appropriate for a professional orchestra.
  8. With high level of problem-solving and decision making skills.
  9. Possesses an exemplary level of self -discipline and good work ethics.
  10. With strong leadership skills.



Applicants are requested to submit the following to the CCP-Human Resource Services Division on or before 03 August 2017:


  1. Letter of application
  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form 212 Revised 2017) with attached Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at
  3. Diploma and Transcript of Records (Photocopy and original for verification)
  4. Certificates of training (Photocopy and original for verification)
  5. Certificate of employment (Photocopy and original for verification)
  6. Performance Evaluation Report  (January–December 2016 with very satisfactory rating ) for internal applicants


For Nos. 3, 4 & 5 a review of the existing credentials of internal applicants will be done in coordination with the Human Resource Services Division.











 1. Heads the Orchestra Arts Division and acts as music leader of the orchestra.


2. Performs violin solos and other difficult passages in various orchestra works or music pieces with superior musical quality and accuracy -being the most skilled musician in the orchestra.


3. Oversees, supervises and evaluates the musical level, proficiency, mastery, technique and quality of all sections of the orchestra.


4. Performs during rehearsals and performances and participates in the activities of the orchestra.


5. Supervises and evaluates the performance of the Principal Orchestra Members.


6. Acts as jurors in auditions during recruitment, selection, placement and promotion.


7. Assists the Music Director/Conductor by taking sectional rehearsals or full string rehearsals as required.


8. Discusses and agrees with the Music Director on consistent method of bowing, phrasing, musical cue highlights and overall sound, and relays the same to the entire string section of the orchestra.


9. Serves as the mediator between the orchestra and the conductor.


10. Acts as substitute in case a conductor is indisposed; makes decisions and relays the matter to the orchestra for implementation.


11. Sets the best example of respectful behavior, positive work attitude and professionalism toward fellow musicians, guest artists and conductors.


12. Performs other tasks as may be assigned from time to time.