Chief Culture and Arts Officer; SG-24; Item # 165

REGION : NCR; AGENCY :  Cultural Center of the Philippines;

PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT: CCP-Production and Exhibition Department/Film, Broadcast and New Media Division; POSITION/TITLE: Chief Culture and Arts Officer; SG-24; Item # 165



Education :  Master’s Degree or Certificate in Leadership and Management from the CSC

Experience :  4 years of supervisory/management experience

Training :  40 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years

Eligibility :  Career Service (Professional) Second Level Eligibility


Preferably with:

  1. Degree relevant to Film, Broadcast or New Media.

  2. Relevant experience in film and video production; programming film exhibitions/screenings; any sectors in the field of arts and culture; project management

  3. Training in production management, events management, project management, festival management or any relevant training.

  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  5. Good people skills, customer service, planning and organization, problem solving and decision making, networking, leadership, time management, and arts management skills.

  6. Creativity and innovativeness, attention to details, and knows how to multi-task.



Superior: Identifies, plans, and evaluates film festival management activities of the Center


Intermediate: Applies computer skills in work using MS Office applications


Superior: Facilitates and influences target audience such as the Heads of the Agency and External Partners/Clients. Focus of communication is to relay information, to build motivation and call for action.


Superior: Designs and/or sets standards for a written material used within the bureaucracy while demonstrating independence producing written work


Superior: Builds and shapes the CCP’s service culture and strategy; provides leadership in service delivery through highest degree of responsibility, intelligence and skills


Superior: Creates a culture of mutual trust and respect and one of that values diversity in the organization


Superior: Promotes a culture and discipline of challenging the status quo and seeking for and applying improvements


Intermediate: Ensures that others support the CCP’s mission, goals, agenda, climate and policy


Intermediate: Ensures the effective implementation of any change initiatives/programs of the CCP by guiding the team in the transition process


Intermediate: Motivates, trains, coaches, and mentors people towards achieving quality results


Intermediate: Monitors employee performance regularly to help employee improve his/her performance


Intermediate: Builds and develops local partnerships and networks and identifies to deliver or enhance work outcomes



Film Festival Management


The ability to plan, organize, lead and monitor the implementation of the film programs of the Center through the provision of film festival management services.


  1. Develops specific methods and strategies for the efficient and effective implementation and administration of film festival/programs or projects and events of the Center such as conceptualizing the theme, programming of events and other activities relevant to overall management and supervision of plans, projects and activities of the Division.


  1. Represents the Division in the Artistic Programming Committee (APC) of the Center, production meetings and other official functions relevant to the mandate of the Division, department and the Center.


  1. Organizes, monitors and evaluates the entire processes and activities of the Festivals, events and regular programs of the Division.


  1. Develops and implements effective measures in coordinating with various international and local entities regarding film festival management services of the Center.


  1. Plans, organizes and leads the establishment and development of networks and partnerships with individuals, groups and/or entities in relation to the film festival programs/projects of the Center.



Applicants are requested to submit the following to the CCP-Human Resource Services Division or email to on or before April 20, 2018:


  1. Letter of application

  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form 212 Revised 2017) which can be downloaded at

  3. Work Experience Sheet as attachment to PDS

  4. Diploma and Transcript of Records (Photocopy and original for verification)

  5. Authenticated copy of the Civil Service Certificate of Eligibility

  6. Certificate of employment (Photocopy and original for verification)

  7. Certificate of training (Photocopy and original for verification)

  8. Performance Evaluation Report  (January–December 2017) with very satisfactory rating ) for applicants currently in government service


For Nos. 4, 5, 6 & 7 a review of the existing credentials of internal applicants will be done in coordination with the Human Resource Services Division.