Dance lives on in this new series of electrifying performances of classics and origin ...


Presented By:

Cultural Center of the Philippines




October 10, 2021 - December 5, 2021 | 7:00 PM

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DANCE ON! is the new series of dance performances featuring the artists of the CCP Professional Dance Support Program that includes dance artists from CCP Dance Workshop Company, Philippine Ballet Theatre, and Ballet Manila. It features new and classical works choreographed and restaged by 21st-century Filipino choreographers and regisseurs mentored by the greats in Philippine Dance: National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes, Alden Lugnasin, and Nonoy Froilan.

The program consists of never-before-seen works and reimagined classics works, restaged, and shot specifically for the enjoyment of digital viewing, with film direction by Carlos Siguion-Reyna. DANCE ON! showcases the talent and artistry of 21st-century Filipino Dancers and Choreographers in not only classical ballet but a myriad of Dance styles executed with equal excellence. Featured choreographers include Erl Emmanuel Sorilla, John Ababon, Ronelson Yadao, Lester Reguindin, Patrick John Rebullida, Biag Gaongen, and JM Cabling.

The CCP Professional Dance Support Program is a special initiative that aims to support professional dance in the Philippines by continuing the development of skills, techniques, and performance excellence of the Filipino dancers, and providing them with continued artistic employment.

INLABABO (November 7 | 7:00PM)

Music: Eddie Peregrina

Choreography: John Ababon

Mentor: Alice Reyes

A story of pure young love, the pain that love brings, and how we are able to find a reason to go on when love is no more.

Erl Sorilla


Music: Alexandre Desplat

Choreography: John Ababon

Mentor: Alice Reyes

John Ababon’s In the Midst Of assures audiences that there will always be someone there to guide us through the dark times. Ababon paralleled Desplat’s intricate musical dynamics to the “ups and downs of life.” This became the inspiration for the beautiful movements of his choreographic work highlighting the two dancers’ technique and skills in partnering.

Stephanie Santiago

Al Abraham

HEADSPACE (November 14 | 7:00PM)

Choreography and performance: Ronelson Yadao

Mentor: Alice Reyes

“Oftentimes, my head is filled with unorganized thoughts. Some linger like whispers. But some are too loud, vicious, and unrelenting. These thoughts cramp in my head creating an inner turmoil, overwhelming me, and leaving me hopeless.  Such a chaotic state but, in and through it, is where I find myself.”

Ronelson Yadao

RE-FORM (November 21 | 7:00PM)

Music: Dandansoy, performed by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra

Choreography: Biag Gaongen

Mentor: Alice Reyes

Choreographed to the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra’s version of Dandansoy, Re- FORM is a dance on aligning and re-aligning the disjointed fragments of the body. Re-FORM explores the unconventional use of point shoes.

Katrene San Miguel

Sarah Alejandro

Lester Reguindin

NOW (November 28 | 7:00PM)

Music: Happiness Does Not Wait by Olafur Arnalds ,2013; Bear Story II by Luke Howard, 2018, incorporating an excerpt of Greta Thunberg's full speech to world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit in New York City, 2019

Choreography:  Lester Reguindin

Mentor: Alice Reyes

Inspired by the speech of Greta Thunberg’s, a young environmental activist, in the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, this dance shows how a young girl sees the environment and the entire human being suffer because of the ways of man. This has led her to use her voice and make a stand and speak to the world with the hope that through this, change can happen.

Jessa Tangalin

John Ababon

Ace Polias

Earl John Arisola

Monica Gana

Alexis Piel

Karla Santos

Danilo Dayo

Joanne Tangalin

Bonifacio Guerrero

Gladys Baybayan

Justine Orande

Rissa Camaclang