Beyond Shelter: Focus on Women Architects

CCP @ the SDA Theater DLS-CSB Design and Arts (D+A) Campus Ocampo St. (Malate Manila) 950 Ocampo St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila

This lecture program and pocket exhibition aims to reflect on the identity of Philippine Architecture through heritage structures, dwellings, and landscape and the position of women architects in the field. Its objectives include: to reflect on Philippine architecture through the practices and advocacies of women architects; to generate discourse by engaging the students to the topic of identity of Philippine […]

Vamos A Belen 2023: Pastores Dance Competition Orientation and Workshop

CCP @ Bahay ni Kuya Mon, Pasay City

Venue: CCP @ Bahay ni Kuya Mon, Pasay City The workshop component of the Vamos a Belen Pastores Dance Competition. The workshop is open to registered groups of the Pastores Dance Competition and observers from different regions. It is organized to orient the workshop participants with the literature of the Pastores piece that will be used for the competition. It will […]

Virgin Labfest Writing Fellowship Program in the Visayas Year 2 Showcase Directors’ Training

CCP @ the Negros Museum (Gatuslao Street Bacolod City Negros Occidental)

Venue: Hybrid (Online and Onsite at the Negros Museum, Bacolod) Four (4) directors from the regions, who have all directed at least two (2) plays in the past, have attended Kuris Theater Festival workshops, and have at least four (4) years of experience in the theater industry are to be trained by established director and current Cultural Center of the Philippines […]

Arts Online

Offsite and Online

ARTS ONLINE is a video streaming platform that aims to engage and connect artists to their audiences through arts workshops, artists’ talks, lecture – demonstrations in various art forms. These are learning tools designed to provide opportunities in making art matter to every Filipino.

CCP Discover Opera!

CCP @ the Opera Haus

A training program for aspiring classical and opera singers. The CCP Discover Opera will train ten (10) participants comprising of winners of “Kundiman sa Makati” and public high school students from Makati. They will be provided vocal training and introduction to the key elements of opera. The program will conclude in a Culminating Activity featuring performances of the program participants.

Arts Management Training for Cultural Officers in Ph Post

CCP @ Baguio City

The training will highlight the intersection of arts, culture, and creative industry and underscore the importance of leveraging cultural resources for international relations and global engagement. This will equip the participants with adequate knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively conduct cultural diplomacy work through approaches to planning and implementing cultural diplomacy initiatives in Philippine culture, creative industry, and cultural heritage.

Upskilling on Curatorship: Intensive workshop on performance and visual arts curation


Upskilling on Curatorship encourages regional participation in the lectures and workshops, with the aim of contributing to mapping cultural institutions across the archipelago. Moreover, the online and onsite gatherings can also be generative in accounting for the characteristics of the ‘contexts’ that continue to expand the curatorial landscape in the Philippines. As the committee and participants collectively think about and reflect on […]

CCP Discover Opera Culminating Activity

CCP @ the University of Makati

The CCP Discover Opera Culminating Activity is a 45-minute engaging and educational show designed to introduce students to the world of opera in an enjoyable manner. It aims to captivate young audiences by using interactive elements, storytelling, and shorter performances that showcase the key aspects of opera, such as music, singing, and theatrical elements. The program aims to help students […]