CCP Arthouse Cinema: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The CCP joins the celebration and commemoration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heri ...

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Cultural Center of the Philippines


To be streamed online for free


27 October - 3 November, 3:00 PM | CCP Vimeo Channel


The CCP Film, Broadcast and New Media Division joins the celebration and commemoration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage by holding a free, online screening of films depicting stories of disconnection, the funny travels and travails of an iconic pandemic item, bonds developed in quarantine and images of life’s daily challenges. 

Join us as we share these gems from the CCP’s Gawad Alternative Film and Video Competition and the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.


Director: Kaya Guillen

0:15:04 min

After coming home from college because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 18-year-old Camille finds herself unable to sleep. She descends into restless desperation in the confines of her bedroom, disconnected from the rest of her family. Torn between nostalgia and loneliness, will she ever find peace again?


Director: Ruka Azuma

0:08:00 min

Shot entirely using mobile phones during the global pandemic, "Let Our Response Be" takes on an experimental exploration of the country’s social problems and commentaries represented through the persona’s journey of escaping the enigma of the mind, space, and thoughts. However, the persona realizes that this will eventually lead to discovering that some things may never set anything free.


Director: Jonathan Jose Zamora Olarte

0:04:03 min

An out-of-body audio-visual experience created by a three-way collaboration between sound artist Escuri(Jett Ilagan), conceptual painter Mio Aseremo, and filmmaker Jose Olarte, prompted by the now non-existent, then (pre-COVID-19 extended community quarantine) daily routine known as enduring traffic while commuting. In the video, Mio is seen taking an endless train ride through Olarte's current reflective thoughts expressed through found footage and Escuri's interpretation of the convoluted sounds of traffic using field recordings of manilas endless congestion.

Cinemalaya 2021


Director: Che Tagyamon and Glenn Barit

5 mins

After getting disposed of, a facemask starts to turn into a humanoid figure. It journeys into looking for its previous owner, but finds him already with a new and better face mask. It gets heartbroken then wanders around different places in Manila, and eventually finds another similar looking facemask figure.


Director: Marc Misa

7:45 mins

A desperate man attempts to rob a bus, but is beaten to the punch by two seasoned robbers. He is forced to choose whether to be a hero and try to save the people he was about to rob, or become victim himself.


Director: Jonnie Lyn Dasalla

5 mins

Entirely shot using a mobile phone, this short fiction film depicts life during the quarantine. It focuses on the story of Lolang Keyag who lives in isolation with her baby grandson Eli, as she was left to take care of him during the lockdown period. Despite the difficulties faced in this trying time, she tries her best to be hopeful for her grandson.

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Director: Arjanmar Rebeta

12 mins

Arjan is awakened by a mysterious voice and he finds himself alone on a small planet called Planet I. He explores the little planet for 40 days.


Director: Lyshiel Aranal

0:12:47 min

‘Pakisabi’ tells the story of two families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic — the selfless life of a brother who served as a frontliner, and how a daughter’s love for her mother filled the distance between them. During this difficult time where thousands of lives are affected everyday, Ezel Lambatan and Liza Paqueo remember their loved ones as more than a statistic.

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