CCP Arthouse Cinema: NEVER AGAIN

As we commemorate the 49th Anniversary of the Martial Law declaration in the Philippi ...

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Cultural Center of the Philippines


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19 - 30 September, 3:00 PM | CCP Vimeo Channel


As we commemorate the 49th Anniversary of the 1972 Martial Law declaration in the Philippines, we take a closer look at the unique story of a former beauty queen, a politician’s wife, and an instrumental character behind the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. From personal accounts by Marcos herself and her associates—stories on her childhood, her glory days, up to her exile—witness award-winning filmmaker Ramona Diaz’s brilliant portrayal of the extraordinary life and work of one of the most influential women in Philippine History: Imelda. 


Director: Ramona Diaz

103 min

Documentary filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz offers an extraordinary look into the life and times of former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos. Spotlighting her rise from one-time beauty queen to politician's wife to figurehead in her own right, Diaz -- drawing on personal accounts by Marcos and her associates as well as her political rivals -- paints a unique portrait of a woman whose well-documented extravagances often overshadowed her contributions to Philippine politics. 


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