Cultural Center of the Philippines


September 22, 2023| 6:00 PM

CCP Annex Parking


In celebration of the Philippine Film Industry Month every September (Presidential Proclamation 1085 of 2021), the Cultural Center of the Philippines presents its latest edition of Cinema Under The Stars, featuring Wat Flor, Ma’am? by Mike Sandejas and Robert Seña, Pisay by Aureus Solito, and Ang Amomonggo Sa Aton by Vinjo Entuna.

The CCP Cinema Under the Stars (CCP-CUTS) is an outdoor cinema project that features the best of Philippine independent films from Cinemalaya, Gawad Alternatibo, and films from the CCP Collection. The outdoor cinema is open to all walk-in movie-goers.


1st Ko Si Third

Real Florido

90 Minutes | Comedy | Drama | PG

Wat Flor, Ma’am?

Directed by Mike Sandejas and Robert Seña

 In an aging government building, an elevator becomes an unexpected prison for a charismatic ex-First Lady of the Philippines and a rebellious “Bad Boy” of the local film industry. As they await rescue, the First Lady opens up emotionally, unveiling to the Bad Boy the astonishing hidden history of their nation. Wat Flor, Ma’am was a Best Short Film Nominee at the 2009 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.


Directed by Aureus Solito

The storyline centers on Rom Meneses (Gammy Lopez), a youthful scholar who enrolls in the prestigious Philippine Science High School (referred to as Pisay) along with seven other companions amidst the politically turbulent era of the 1980s in the Philippines. Leading them is their educator, Ms. Casas (Eugene Domingo), as they venture beyond the confines of the school’s walls and confront the tumultuous landscape shaped by the Marcos dictatorship.

Pisay received the 2008 Audience Award, Vesoul Asian Film Festival; 2008 Grand Prize of the International Jury, Vesoul Asian Film Festival; Best Director for 2008 Golden Screen Award; Best Motion Picture (Drama) for 2008 Golden Screen Award; Best Original Screenplay for 2008 Golden Screen Award; Best Director and Audience Choice Award at the 2007 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival; Digital Movie Musical Scorer of the Year for 2008 Star Awards for Movies; and Movie Supporting Actress of the Year for 2008 Star Awards for Movies

Ang Amomonggo Sa Aton

Directed by Vinjo Entuna

Under a turbulent period in the Philippines, the Magbuelas family and the Dumaan farmers of Negros Island face a brutal threat from the mythical creature Amomonggo, believed to be the culprit behind a series of killings. For their safety, the community is forced into solitude while struggling to protect their rights. This film won 1st Place in the Animation Category, 34th Gawad Alternatibo and Jury’s Choice Awards for Sine Negrense 2021.



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