Cultural Center of the Philippines


September 5 to October 8, 2023

Bulwagang Roberto Chabet, 3rd Floor Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez (CCP Black Box Theater)

Regular Viewing Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)

Opening Reception: September 5, 2023 | 6:00 PM | TIG Lobby


Casual Extremities intends to extract sensibilities from recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, while also pondering the years that went by as time progressed. Confinement in every aspect of it identifies itself as a relatable idea across the pandemic timeline, thus, becoming the focus for this presentation. Specifically, the determination is to explore confinement as an approach to suggest familiarity and anonymity. Quoting a writer’s response to the showcase of Bren Almirol’s new works “(Casual Extremities)…is a comedy. Like the stories of Franz Kafka, it is a grim joke about secludedness, exacerbated by the pandemic now three years past. A wall of DVD players, electric fans devoid of purpose, hangers, and other items rendered meaningless by the absurdity of being stuck indoors for months at a time. One feels compelled to change things, until one realizes that things are tragically fixed and has no other choice but to laugh about it.”

Casual Extremities was the recipient of the CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division’s 2021 Exhibition Venue Grant and was selected among forty-two proposals received. The 2021 Grant was a first for the CCP VAMD, as it called for proposals that specifically highlighted an artist or a group of artists’ response to or experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, and included a small production fund.


Bren Almirol is a visual artist from Bulacan. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts – Studio Arts (Painting) degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He was a recipient of the Dominador Castañeda Award – Outstanding Thesis for his undergraduate thesis entitled “Where Do We Go?” Since 2016, he has been exhibiting his works in various local galleries. Almirol’s practice attempts to explore mutability as a frame for post-human sensing. His works strive to operate under this premise, which, for most of the time, take the form of rust paintings and epoxy sculptures.



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