Cultural Center of the Philippines and Alice Reyes Dance Philippines through the initiative of the office of Senator Pia Cayetano.


JUNE 14, 2024 | 7:30 PM

JUNE 15, 2024 | 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM

CCP @ Samsung Performing Arts Theater


Alice Reyes’ CARMINA BURANA is one of the company’s most iconic pieces. Inspired by the goliardic verses set to Carl Orff’s majestic score, Reyes tells the story of a community experiencing the joys of life, drinking, and love, through exuberant, erotic, and pagan movements smoothly transitioning to spiritual, sublime, and somewhat divine climax as the iconic first notes of O Fortuna are reprised. This new restaging will feature live music by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philippine Madrigal Singers with Soprano Lara Maigue.

Vividly enhanced by Bernal’s designs, the stage is set with a central cauldron with rock formations on both sides. In the same light, Bernal had the dancers transform from their dark tights, skull caps, and white capelets for the ritual scene, to emerald tights and long skirts for the spring dances, and to full white, floor-length, circular capes, creating a lasting vision of bodies bursting with energy, moving through space with white fabric in their trails.

Also featured in the first half of the program is Reyes’ DUGSO, a work inspired by rituals performed by the tribes of Bukidnon, Mindanao, set to National Artist for Music, Dr. Ramon Santos’ choral piece Ding Ding nga Diyawan. This is accompanied by famed choreographer, Norman Walker’s romantic pas de deux, SUMMER’S END, and August ‘Bam’ Damian’s AFTER WHOM, a showcase of the company’s dynamism and bravado in neo-classical, modern, and contemporary ballet.

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Orchestra Center  P3,000

Orchestra Side      P2,500

Loge Center           P2,500

Loge Side               P2,000

Balcony 1               P1,500

Balcony 2               P1,000

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