Market Specialist IV; SG-22; Item # 283

REGION : NCR; AGENCY :  Cultural Center of  the Philippines;

PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT: CCP-Marketing Department; Sales and Promotions Division;

POSITION/TITLE: Market Specialist IV; SG-22; Item # 283



Education :  Bachelor’s degree

Experience :  3 years of relevant experience

Training :  16 hours of relevant training

Eligibility :  Career Service (Professional) Second Level Eligibility



  1. Graduate of Marketing, Arts Management, Communication Arts/Multimedia Arts/Mass Communication, Business Management or other business-related courses.

  2. With Master’s degree or units in Marketing, Management and other business-related courses.

  3. At least 3 years experience in management, supervision, and Marketing preferably arts and culture.

  4. Training in Strategic Marketing, Supervision, Marketing the Arts, Product Development and Management, Customer Service, Effective Communication or other relevant training programs.

  5. Proficient in oral and written communication skills, people skills, leadership, business management, planning and organization, problem solving and decision-making, customer service and computer skills.

  6. Good analytical and critical thinking abilities.

  7. Willing to work on extended hours and on weekends and holidays.



  1. Handles the development, implementation and evaluation of an efficient and effective Subscription Program of the CCP to achieve the Center’s marketing objectives and revenue subscription targets of the Division.


  1. Develops and maintains strong linkages with subscribers, supporters and patrons; establish and maintains business partnerships with private, government or non-government entities, individuals or other potential clients.


  1. Maintains and manages the database of potential and existing subscribers of the productions and programs of CCP.


  1. Facilitates the Corporate and Individual Sponsorship program of the Division to support the CCP’s audience and development programs.


  1. Assists the Division Chief III in monitoring the implementation of the CCP’s Marketing Plan on sales and promotions; maintains and strengthen the harmonious relationship with Season Subscribers and CCP Patrons; renders essential support and assistance pertaining to the implementation of Subscription Program.


  1. Conducts effective sales calls and sales presentations to partners and potential clients.


  1. Responsible for the maintenance of an efficient inventory of publications and multimedia products of the CCP.


  1. Ensures full accounting and accurate recording of generated sales for publications and multimedia products of the CCP.


  1. Assists in the preparation of Subscription Contracts/Letter Agreements, marketing reports and other related documents, with emphasis in the monitoring of the effectiveness of its contents, terms and conditions.


  1. Provides inputs and proposes contents for the development of information ads and campaign materials for the Season Subscription Program; recommends sales generating and promotional activities.


  1. Assists in the overall supervision of the division’s resources such as personnel, budget, supplies and materials.


  1. Performs other functions as may be assigned from time to time.



Applicants are requested to submit the following to the CCP-Human Resource Services Division on or before 26 November 2017:


  1. Letter of application

  2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form 212 Revised 2017 and Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at

  3. Authenticated Copy of Diploma and Transcript of Records

  4. Authenticated Copy of the Civil Service Certificate of Eligibility/Authenticated PRC ratings

  5. Certificates of training (Photocopy and original for verification)

  6. Certificate of employment (Photocopy and original for verification)

  7. Performance Evaluation Report  (January–December 2016) with very satisfactory rating ) for internal applicants


For Nos.  3, 4, 5 & 6 a review of the existing credentials of internal applicants will be done in coordination with the Human Resource Services Division.